Kim Sandberg Haverfield comes from a family of gifted teachers and artists. She began her dance training in Missoula, Montana at the age of 6. Missoula -- a noted “Arts Community” -- is a perfect place for an aspiring artist to grow up. Here Kim took instruction from a variety of gifted dance and theater instructors. Among her early teachers were Marie Kessler, Marie and Clarence Walters, Irene Thomas, Vicki Meisinger, and Susan Timothy. At the age of 15 she was able to dance with Fi Fi Hutt and John Raymond. Fi Fi is a renowned dance instructor of classical ballet, and was able to place her students in companies all over the world. In her late teens Kim spent three years with John Raymond choreographer for the Los Vegas Follies. Perhaps her greatest inspiration was under the tutelage of the late Tony Award winner Micheal Smuin (San Francisco Ballet, Smuin and Company) whom she partnered with during her college years. Kim received bachelor degrees in history and computer science from the University of Montana.

Kim has taught dance through the University of Montana Center Courses, Theater Arts for Riverton (Wyoming), Wyoming Library Arts Outreach, Riverton High School, Lewiston High School, Festival Dance Academy plus numerous workshops and high schools throughout the northwest. She has coached dance teams for 15 years and has choreographed over 56 musicals! She was recently nominated for the prestigious 5th Street Music Awards (A Nationally Ranked Awards Ceremony for High School Musicals) for her choreography in Clarkston High School’s performance of AIDA! Kim has been teaching dance for over 35 years. She has an extensive background in Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Her latest love is Irish dance. She has developed a large following of very impressive Celtic dancers. She continues her dance training and is still pursuing her goal of certification in the Irish dance field!

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A Letter from Susan Timothy:

Kim is a multi-talented young woman. As one of her former dance instructors I watched her attack dance with a zeal that is truly a gift.

Miss Sandberg started dancing with Marie Kessler at the age of six, then moved to the Marie Clair Dance Studio when she was seven. Kim was already showing her love for dance when I joined the staff there. She tutored under six teachers, each accomplished and accredited, and each specializing in different areas.

It was a shared feeling among the instructors that Kim had a special ability for choreography. She was able to exercise her creativity when she began teaching. It was not long before she was introduced to the ins and outs of producing a successful show. It was through our Missoula area programs and productions at the University of Montana that she was able to gain valuable experience in the many aspects of the theater.

Kim loves the vintage as well as the Vogue. Two of her first teachers were Marie and Clarence Walters, a true Hollywood couple rich in Vaudeville and film experience. Irene Thomas taught Classic Tap and had years of performing arts experience. John Raymond specialized in Jazz and Ballroom and was a Luigi expert. His years as a Los Vegas Follies choreographer who also danced with Fossie, broadened Kim's knowledge of choreography. At 15 she included the talented Fi Fi Hutt in her ballet training. In college she was able to advance and improve and theater skills and danced and studied with Michael Smuin of the San Francisco Ballet. My personal background is in Ballet, Jazz and Character. My primary training was in Salt Lake City, Utah where I eventually had my own studio prior to moving to Montana. I studied and work-shopped with many wonderful instructors, including Christensen of the San Francisco Ballet.

The uniqueness of Kim is that she has had the opportunity to study in so many styles of dance with an array of talented teachers, thus allowing her to develop a powerfully well-rounded ability.

Kim’s love for the art of dance, whatever the form, and her effervescent personality will inspire anyone, who has the opportunity to work with her.

Susan Timothy,
Missoula Montana


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